Successors of a security force from a prosperous exploration organization. A small group of leaders gave rise to Spectre Fleet. Specializing in dark ops, they perfected the art of Intel gathering, precision tactics, and infiltration. Skilled operators spearhead the organizations' effectiveness in all scenarios.


Org participation %

Not all missions shown due to OPSEC


Our goals, like many organizations, is to have a well trained group of active members.

Short Term -

Recruiting to a reasonable number, and to create organization by delegating roles and responsibilities, and creating effective training programs.

Long Term -

Maintaining our numbers and activity level via passive recruitment and regular ops. Finding and settling a "home" area or system, and exploiting the most lucrative means of making UEC.


We will always have fluid goals. Finding new ways to make UEC and new game mechanics that keep our members captivated. As Star Citizen evolves, so shall Spectre Fleet.


Spectre Fleet currently maintains and upkeeps approximately 860 ships and ground vehicles of various size and class.

Does not necessarily depict Spectre Fleets actual fleet composition due to OPSEC


We seek active like-minded individuals; those willing to train while bettering themselves and Spectre Fleet as a whole. We plan to stay around the 50-100 members range. We want it fun but we want to be the best at what we do. Because we are a newer org, special positions are open and available.

Spectre Fleet has gathered over 480 individual pieces of intel on 75 personnel from 35 different Star Citizen orginizations.


Not all intel targets may be shown due to OPSEC


  • Org uniforms, weapons, ammo, and some ships provided to members

  • Ship replacement program (SRP) coming when available

  • A fun and professional environment to play Star Citizen

  • Training programs / Certifications


  • Leadership positions available 

  • A variety of active ops

Through mining, OPFOR services, Intel services, Logistical support, and other means, Spectre fleet has brought in approximately 69,763,973.905 AUEC into the org wallet. This figure does NOT include personal ventures or 'off-the-book' transactions.


1. Must have a Star Citizen starter pack minimum (Aurora or Mustang)

2. We expect a minimum of one hour of playtime per week from our members.

3. must be mature (21+ preferred)



  • Join our Discord 

  • Get interviewed

All numbers and statistics on this page are real time statistics from Spectre fleet and are automatically generated from databases and inputs from members of this website.